BoozeHound is a "Four Legged" entertainment company founded by filmmaker & writer Kate Bowyer and her rule breaking husband, Phil Bowyer.

BoozeHound OnTap ↠ an audio and video production company. Give us your raw audio or video files and we'll make 'em dance!

BoozeHound BYOB ↠ an apparel company featuring clothing and accessories that create conversations.

BoozeHound Productions ↠ a 100 Proof, 10x Distilled production house that produces all of our original shows, films and radio content.

BoozeHound Publishing ↠ formerly known as LikePhate, this is our new publishing imprint that caters to independent fiction writers, as well as small businesses looking to publish their non-fiction book.

Our website isn't quite ready, but soon you'll be able to shop kick ass shirts and beanies, watch original programming and purchase books from amazing authors all over the world - all while sipping on your favorite adult beverage.

While we finish things up around here, don't be afraid to follow us - we're "@weareboozehound" pretty much everywhere:

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